12.10.2013 TIME FOR THE RACE!!!!

It was definitely not easy to sum up the emotions and feelings during the raceday, still its so difficult to sort everything in my head! But I tried to sum it up at least a little bit…

Let the day begin….

4 AM

The alarm went off….. I surprisingly slept awesome….. 6 ½ hours of really good sleep…the day could not have started any better…..;) I definitely felt like smiling already 😉


I must say I did not even feel that nervous yet! I had a yummy breakfast ( some hot chocolate and some ricewaffles topped with yogurt) and got ready and left the hotel at 4:45 am with my styrian gang 😉

And oh yes, as soon as we got to downtown I was more than nervous…. Jesus, it was so crazy there…so many athletes and definitely a lot of tension in the air!

First stop than was the bodymarking…


Next stop bike-check:


I went to check my bike, pumped up my wheels and put my food and drinks on the bike! Oh man, I was super nervous at that time already, the air was really heavy at that time…so many athletes just going through the race in their heads already and hoping for a perfect day….Luckily I did not put any pressure on my performance and so I still did not freak out like some other athletes that really had a clear goal or some times they want to beat!

We even took a early smile picture while waiting in the toilet line 😉


Shortly after the gun went off for the professional men start followed 5 min later by the ladies….but to be honest at that time as an age grouper athlete you don’t really care so much about them cause you are just get ready for yourself! Since the swim entrance and exit is really small we had to go there quiet early to get into the water in time…. I mean could there be anything worse that hearing the gun go off and you are still not in the water? Oh no…. that would be too stressful…. So I began to swim to the start line around 6:45 am! And to be honest all the people around us on the land were wild….screaming as loud as they could and taking pictures as crazy…it was a flashlight thunder 😉

And then at actually 7 am the fun started…since I was not wearing a watch I was a bit surprised cause I thought there were still a few minutes to go….but suddenly everybody started moving forwards and so there was no way out of it and I was in the middle of the wild swimming crowd;)


I did have quite a lot of respect of the swim as well cause from the Ironman Klagenfurt I really had suffering moments still in my head…many arms and legs all over me, making it very difficult to breath for me and often thinking of drowning and so I definitely was scared of that situation again and so I tried to find a big gap for me! I preferred swimming more or less “alone” instead of fight for a better watershadow position….

After 01:11:54 I already enter into first transition….. How exciting…. But if you look at my face I look a bit exhausted already 😉


So during the transition I enjoyed a quick shower to rinse off the salty water and then putting on a lot of sunscreen cause the sun was really burning down and then with the helmet and shoes already on I went to pick up my bike and head out to the 180km bike course….

In the beginning of the course the course went through Kona and so the crowd was really amazing there…. It’s also a bit dangerous to start off way to fast because you have so much adrenaline and a screaming crowd that even pushes you more…. But I took it slow…I did not wana rush too much! After about 20 min the course leaded us up to Queen Kaahumanu Highway…there it was really awesome cause the wind was coming from behind so we were all speedies on the bike but I already knew that that wouldn´t last forever…so I also didn’t want to risk anything before feeling the big breakdown…so I still let many people pass me and not trying to go with them…

The time to Hawi was fast (100km en 2h50min) and I also already thought I will break my personal goal for the biking but this thought changed just when I came down from Hawi again…there the wind started to pick up and this time not from behind but from the front…so the speed quickly dropped down …and the fight started… it was so windy all the way back…unbelievable…you pedal and pedal and you are barely moving forward….that was so frustrating! The really good thing was that we had lab stations every 15km so at least you could load up enough water and energy because you definitely needed it! I did not want to destroy me completely before the run and so I only thought in saving up some energy for the marathon and so I came back to the second transition with a total bike time of 5h 47 min!



For the conditions we had I was satisfied with the time but just getting down from the bike I already noticed that I wasn’t feeling that well… the stomach felt a bit wired already…. After a quick change in transition 2 I started the marathon with running up the Palani Road where the crowd again was wild and loud!

The crowd definitely pushes you there so much… its really amazing! At the beginning of the run the sun was also still burning down to us…it definitely felt super hot and every little uphill path felt even harder with the heat…after about 3km I had to through away the new bought fuel belt bottles which contained my gels in it but they were jumping up and down and bothering me just way to much…but shortly after I throat them away I already regretted it because at the lab station they only had GU gels with the strawberry/banana flavour which I do not like at all…and since my stomach didn´t feel good already I just didn’t know which would be the best to take and so that basically was the worst!

I tried some of these jellygumms but that wasn’t the best idea….after that I just had to look out for the dixietoilets at every lab station…so I really suffered a lot from the very beginning….with the bad stomach I really started to think if I could do a whole marathon with it or if I should give up right away…… but of course who wants to give up in Hawaii….?????


I also was just thinking that so many people were following me online and they probably would have been freaking out if no time would have pop up at the next kms…… so I really had to get myself together and push myself from the very beginning. At that moment I definitely started to miss the great support from Klagenfurt from my family and friends that would made the race a little bit easier….

The worst thing at that time was that I knew that the hard part is just starting within a mile when I had to run up Palani Road and then out to Queen Kaahumanu Highway until the energy lap! The bad thing was that my legs actually felt fine…not heavy and not tired but my stomach had another program running than the normal one…. When I finally got up Palani Road the HannesHawaiitours team gave me another motivation kick to help me believe that no matter what I will finish!

So I tried to get myself together and ran always from lab station to lab station and then make a toilet stop and walk through the lab station before starting to run again…that actually worked well and also since it got cloudy the heat was not too bad anymore! The highway run out until the the energy lab really seemed like an never ending road, especially when you know that you have to run all that back again as well… honestly I was so jealous of the guys that were already running back  on their way to the finish line….yes its true…I was soooo jealous!!!


One positive thing was that I definitely was not the only one suffering….there were so many people out there that already walked just at the start of the marathon and out on the highway many were suffering pain and throwing up and everything….

FINALLY just when the sun went down I ran down the Palani Road, entering to Kona again! Now I only had to keep on going for 2 more miles that was the only think I could think of!

You cannot imagine the feeling I had when I saw the entrance into the finish line! Of course I throw away my cap and put my sunglasses up and put on the biggest smile I before entering onto the red carpet!!!:D

finishline marlen

 I was just sooo happy! Honestly…. I couldn`t have ran for much longer….

So I crossed the finish line exactly after 11 h18 min and 54 sec!!!!! “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN”, Mike was saying!;) I couldn’t believe it! YES I DID IT!!!!!

It didn’t take a second until some volunteers came up to me and brought me to the chill out area for the athletes…. There I got my medal and some drinks and food! After I laid down on the ground to relax a bit I went to the massage tent where my feet got a well helping massage! Then Alfred came up and told me that Gerit and Robert would take our bikes and bike home on them to the hotel, so we didn’t have to worry about them! That was really great…so we got my stuff from the transition area and Alfred and Mona brought my stuff to the car while I showered and got ready for the finish line party!

So yes, we drank our first recovery beer in a bar and then we stayed until the last athletes entered the finish line before midnight and you cannot imagine the emotions that where going on there…. So much motivation and energy and happiness were in the air! It was really awesome!!!

So after midnight we finally got home and I first congratulated my roommate who got third in our age group! CARO you ROCK!!! But after some chatting I eventually got super tired and I felt asleep around 2:30 am….

What a long long day it was!!!!

BUT to be honest, it was a challenging experience that took out a lot of me but it didn’t take me down!!!I am thankful that I was able to cross the finish line and I can’t wait to come back someday in the future to race again here in Kona!!!!!




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every hard day finally comes to an end ;)


thanks for all the support and the suffering while following the race…;)

more details about the race day i will write tomorrow, now i am really more than tired!;)


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last preparations!!!

ok NOW the countdown is really on…..

less than 12 hours untill the start of the race and hopefully less than 24 hours untill everythings is over 😉

ok so i will sum up my day really qick before i will head to bed!

so the day began with a last early swim at 6:45 am but just really short…out to the coffeboat again,than a espresso and a cookie in between and then back again 😉  and to get some idea, also that early preparations for tomorrow were running 😉




so after a good swim and a good coffee we went back to our hotel and finally i started preparing all the things i would need during the long day….

so bike check –> bike bag check, –> runbag check and thats about it 😉

so i really chilled all morning and just prepared those things and inbetween I did some carbo loading and some power napping but thats about it! by the way, todway was definitly one of the hottest days here,so hiding in a cool place was the goal!;)

around 4:30 pm we headed into downtown where the crazyness of IRONMAN was already going on…. the bike check inn was the last stop for the day…..

some impressions of my scotty and its new overnight stay over 😉




got some impressions?

well so after that i actually just went back to the hotel and had my own little pasta party and now its time for bed 😉

I am ready for tomorrow, I am sooooo ready to rock the race!!!!!!!;)

for all those who wana follow me tomorrow:


(my bib number is 2146 😉 )

I want to thank you all so much for your support and for believing in me and my dreams……


now its really bed time to get some good rest!!!

Good night everyone or actually i should better say good morning for most of you!!! 😀


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good training!!

Good training today!

Well so today I had the last real training before the big day!:)

First I actually had a different plan, to go swimming in the morning again and than simply go for a short run during the day, but at the end I sticked to my styrian gang which meant that we hit the bike course and then a quick run afterwards… we left the hotel around 8 am in the morning, to my surprise there were not that many triathletes out yet and so I also could really enjoy the biking! We did some short fast intervals in between the right and to be honest my legs felt strong yesterday! i definitely now thing I am ready for the up and downs on the bike and I will just be able to enjoy it!;)


After 1:20 h we came back to the hotel and just quickly changed into our running shoes and left the hotel again! I just did a quick 6 km run with a pace a little under 5min/km which was completely ok with me…of course the heat and humanity was killing me but it could have been even worse….

So here for you to check out the runcourse, definitely nothing everything else besides flat!


When I came back I really felt satisfied with the training and I am confident that things will work out on Saturday! Definitely an important training I have done to calm myself down again!

Afterwards I headed to a meet and greet of some professionals triathletes (Timo Bracht, Sebastian Kienle, Kristin Möller) which was also quite interesting because they still gave us some useful tips for the race!

2013-10-09 10.56.44

Then I took a walk into downtown where the craziness of ironman now is really starting big…. So much merchandising going on…unbelievable!

2013-10-09 12.22.39

2013-10-09 12.12.14

m for marlen-horz

At 5 pm there was the traditional nations-parade, where all countries represent their athletes and I honestly must say what a shame for Austria! I mean many countries really had a small show going on and not even to mention that they all were wearing the same shirts and hats but AUSTRIA we had NOTHING!!! No support from our homecountry….no surprise!

hawaii-parade-22013-10-09 17.00.302013-10-09 16.59.31

The parade ended where the expo began… the expo here is really huge and there was so much going on yesterday…unbelievable… also a lot of gifts they gave away, luckily I also got a few things 😉 after it got dark we left for a coffee before we headed home to get some rest! Time is really flying by way to fast!!!!


2013-10-09 17.50.20

Hang loose

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New start into the week 😉

Definitely a schedule I could get used to…. 7 am already getting ready for a nice open water swim!;)

For me the first time on the race course… but you definitely can notice that the race is coming closer and closer because in the morning there were so many people already there…really crazy!!


One really  awesome detail is the clear blue water, you definitely can’t get bored cause you see so many things….we were also quite lucky, first we saw a big turtle and after about 500meters we saw a baby turtle as well…really amazin….definitly enjoyed the swim a lot…. The second amazing thing they have here is the coffee boat…yes you read it right…coffee in the sea… 😉 everyone can swim to the boat and there they will give you a espresso shot with sugar or cream as you wish for it!definitly a good energy kick out there in the open water 😉


So after the 45min swim, we went to our favourite coffee place to have some breakfast…to be honest we were a bit disappointed because it was good but definitely too small for an ironman triathlete 😉

2013-10-08 09.54.36

After that we visited the farmers market in downtown….some souvenirs and yummy fruits and flowers they offer there…


shorty after we already started our snorkeling boat tour


the snorkelling place was not a really good one but at least on our way back to the harbour we had some dolphins swimming with us….  



Back on the island we enjoyed a nice sunset before we refilled our bellies with a yummy dinner and then we already headed to bed…. As you can all see time is flying by….


AHHHHHHHH only 3 days left!!!!!

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Bike course surprise!

I guess most of you know that I really like biking right?! Well so actually I was really excited for Sunday to do another bike session but this time on the race bike course. 😉 Everything was really good organized by HannesHawaiiTours, we met at 7 am and then they put our bikes in trucks and us in school buses to head up to Hawi where we rode our bikes back to Kona! So that means doing the bike course one way to get some feelings how air is blowing out there 😉


So when we started the bus ride, I was VERY LUCKY again, having a guy just next to me that was a super smart ass….one of those you just wana through up because nonstop he was talking and explaining how triathlons works….trying to let us know that he is the best age group triathlete and that he simply knows everything…..oh man…that bus ride sucked really a lot….but so I really tried not to listen too much because I really freaked me out and so I most of the time looked out the window, thinking” Jesus, how hilly the bike course?” To be honest I did not think there would be so many up and downs but there really are! AHHHHHHHHHH



As I wanted to use it as a good training session I started in the very last group and tried to go alone all the time and the first part from Hawi down is about 15km downhill which was really nice although there the wind was blowing the most and so you need to watch out a lot that the wind is not taking you off the bike…. But wind wasn’t blowing that much, I was told during our lab station (Hannes organized a lab station after 55km which drinks and food ) from some other smart ass…

.reuters ironman-1

What also was freaking me out is that I saw so many riders on the side of the road having flat tyres….that’s really a think that freaks me out as well…the road here are quite dirty and its really easy to get a flat tyre! And of course little Marlen cannot change a tyre if something like that would happen to her….;( but I have to think optimistic…no flat tyre for me during the race!;)

Anyways, when I got home I was surprised when I looked at my watch and it said 89km and 2:45 h….so that was ok…;) But I really must say that I do have a lot of respect of this bike course here but we will see how thing will work out on saturday!!!


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To sum up the last 4 days I guess I just need one word to describe the life here on the island: PARADISE!

Time is definitely flying past too fast, actually really scary, but at least that maybe means that the race will also go by that quick 😉 by the way only 5 day left….ah……

Well, where should I start off…. The highlight until now definitely was our amazing road trip on Saturday!

2013-10-07 05.23.34roadtrip

That’s right I did basically an island adventure with the best company you could imagine….THANKS  to the styrian family 😉

Day started at 5 am to leave with the car at 5:30, yep that right we are early birds..;) I mean it is definitely normal to get up that early for training but for sightseeing?! We definitely wanted to get out most of the day, which we definitely did because we did not come back to our hotek until 9:15 pm….you can see we definitely had enough endurance 😉

2013-10-06 08.59.29

Ok so our first mission was to get to the southest point of Hawaii….


On the way back up to the main road we found this lovely coffee place! really awesome ambient, hang loose style…. First one already had finished the coffee until the last one just got it!;) Yep, that’s the Hawaiian lifestyle!


After the lovely coffee stop we drove on to black sand beach, definitely a place where it must be so awesome to hangout for a weekend… I definitely would be up for it….


It was hard to drive on but we finally were heading to the east side of the island. On the way we wanted to visit the national park but thanks to the American government all the national parks in the US are closed right now, which meant that we  had to drive straight to Hilo with only one quick stop at a fruitmarket…jummy bananas as appetizer were the result 😉

2013-10-06 10.58.27

By the way, Hilo is the most rainy city of the US, definitely no place for me to live!As some of you know, i need it sunny and warm or cold and snowy… But still it was not too bad if we think back to the good Burgers we had there! Just before the rain caught us, we got to the car and headed up to the Anaka waterfalls, through the science drive, really awesome rainforest you can drive through…. Definitely worth it, although you will need to fight against some mosquitos that can bite and bite and bite!! The rain eventually did not stop so we did the waterfall sightseeing tour wetting us through…


Next up, as we are coffee junkies we had our next yummy coffee before we were heading up to the volcano up to 4100 meters…. Definitely worth it and especially with such a strong car and a good driver the top of the volcano is easy accessible without any danger…. To be honest the air was thin up there and the temperatures shrank up there quite a bit! Really amazing view from up there…just see it yourself!

2013-10-06 16.36.32

We even stayed until the sunset to take some photo-shoots as well…

2013-10-06 17.58.43

in the darkness we drove down back to kona and straight to a thai restaurant to refill our bellies….

We finally drove into our hotel parking at 9:15 pm…yes that’s right and exhausting day! But definitely an amazing one! I am so thankful for this great adventure!! As you can see, no time to relax at all here in the island!;)

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